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Specializes in a variety of professional services from public relations, international communications, media relations, political marketing, crisis management, media kits, advertisement, press coverage as well as teaching and trainings.



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The international entertainment and management services company with a variety products/services from film production, motion pictures, photography, television specials and what is more - artists and professionals management




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A professional science and research institute offers a wide range of research; academic and business, helps to build the strategy in the company. Help to improve the data analysis and statistics for the futher improvement of the companies.



The Universal Body Complex Health and Fitness Center first performed on the streets in the centrum of Gdynia, Poland in 2013. The company was officially founded after ten years of effective work in the field of art, theatre and dance. A group of young dancers in their teenage years was eager to have a daily trainings on the open air due to high cost of renting a professional dance studio. A modern artists specialized in jazz, ballet and latin dances first appeared on Świętojańska's street 81, under the name of The Universal Body Complex Dance Theatre. A members of the company next performed with association with well- known CIE13/Rosa Mei Company in June 2006. At this point in time, Angelica Pegani was a principal dancer and artist in the company from New York. The company started their activity only of seven dancers plus the main choreographer and artistic director with many guest choreographers from Europe. Following their first performance titled Kyoto with premiere in 2013. Since this year, the company has started to travel around countries, gaining experience and reputation on the international stage in Spain, Netherlands and United Kingdom.





Since 2006 we have our own structure of values that we cultivate and through them we progress with the whole team of The Universal Body Complex Entertainment and Management Group.