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Specializes in a variety of professional services from public relations, international communications, media relations, political marketing, crisis management, media kits, advertisement, press coverage as well as teaching and trainings.



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The international entertainment and management services company with a variety products/services from film production, motion pictures, photography, television specials and what is more - artists and professionals management




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A professional science and research institute offers a wide range of research; academic and business, helps to build the strategy in the company. Help to improve the data analysis and statistics for the futher improvement of the companies.



The Excellence World Foundation is committed to improve the situation of different orphanages in upstate Poland, as well as focusing on community development globally. Through the foundation we want to make a change for better and improve the state of the world with our humanitarian and charitable international projects. We also want to create different projects as women's empowerment to understand a women's values in the world also empowering human potential and supporting countries in need. The foundation consists three international projects which are community development, women's empowerment and special other programs and through their activity we will represent our international foundation.



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-Excelence World Foundation