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Specializes in a variety of professional services from public relations, international communications, media relations, political marketing, crisis management, media kits, advertisement, press coverage as well as teaching and trainings.



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The international entertainment and management services company with a variety products/services from film production, motion pictures, photography, television specials and what is more - artists and professionals management




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A professional science and research institute offers a wide range of research; academic and business, helps to build the strategy in the company. Help to improve the data analysis and statistics for the futher improvement of the companies.




The Universal Body Complex Studio is the perfect place to organise a group visits for children from kindergarden, elementary school, junior high or even students from University. UBC Dance Center offers courses in different levels of advancement in around 30 styles of dance also promote new fitness classes for youth groups and adults. The Universal Body Complex is the place where you can choose your favorite option for your weekend or holidays, gaining experience and enjoying your free time effectively. In the studio you can take private or group classes, public or professional also kids and teenagers series that are filled with joy, fun and positive energy.


The Universal Body Complex teachers will organise time for you that you will feel satisfied, full of energy and what is more, the official instructors and choreographers will choose the best students for official dance performance on the live stage after your visit as a group visits. You can choose varoius international options for dance techniques with your friends and have fun through the whole weekend. Different dance styles around the world will work out your body to stay in shape and give you a positive influence on your well-being.


We look forward to welcoming you into the Universal Body Complex your home.

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