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Health&Fitness Classes For Adults FAQs


What is the Universal Body Complex Division?

The Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center offers daily, weekly, monthly dance and fitness classes specialized in public or professional services with different levels of advancement. Classes are offered in the morning, afternoon or evening, seven days a week including weekends in more than 13 techniques. Professional classes are mostly welcoming in the morning and afternoon during the weekend. Teachers at the Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center welcome you all with kindness, non-competive environment and gives you energy to improve your potential.


Where is the Universal Body Complex Studios located?

The one of the Universal Body Complex Health& Fitness Studio is located in Queen Of Jadwiga School at Leopolda Staffa street 10 in Gdynia, Poland.


The Queen Of Jadwiga School is 5 minutes walking distance to "Źródło Marii Station". You can get an accessible bus lines 23, 24, 172, R from Gdynia Główna Station with Źródło Marii Station destination (around 30 minutes by bus).


What is it your first class at the Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center?

If this is your first time at the Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center you may ask for 50% discount for your first dance or fitness classes.


Is there any membership fees?

In the Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center we do not have any membership fees, you can just walk in to our studio. There is no need to sign up for classes in advance but it is recomended (due to high amount of students during the summer time) to get the best place at our classes.


How do I can purchase classes online?

On the Universal Body Complex Website in every section is a calendar with form to fill and make a reservation for your favorite classes.


Are there any possibilities to purchase classes in-person at the Universal Body Complex?

In the Universal Body Complex Health & Fitness Center you can ask the person-in-charge to purchase your classes (teacher/instructor) but the payment for classes have to go through bank account (the number of our bank account you will find in contact section: charges&fees at the end of the page).


What is the cost of a class?

In the Universal Body Complex Studio class prices range from single class € 15.00 to 25 card class € 250.00. We offer discounts for professionals/seniors (+60) and junior's parents (more information about charges&fees in our contact section: charges&fees).


What should I wear for classes?

The Universal Body Complex suggests you in general to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in or sweat, like t-shirts, pants, cotton's trousers and sneakers.

The more specific techniques recommends:


Afro dance/Afro-Brazilian/Zumba/Capoeira : we suggest you to not wear any shoes only socks, just barefeet.

Jazz/Theatre Dance/Ballet: we suggest you to wear jazz shoes or eventually just socks.

Fitness/Cardio/Street Dance/Hip Hop Dance: we suggest you to wear sneakers.

Pilates/Yoga/Barre aou sol: we suggest you to wear socks, just barefeet.

Salsa/Samba: For latin dances and dances in pairs :we suggest you to wear skirt or dress and shoes with low heels (ladies) and t-shirt, trousers and normal sneakers (men).

Tap dance: tshirts, trousers and normal sneakers.


How are levels of class defined?


1.0 - Basic

1.1 - Beginner

1.2 - Elementary


2.0 - Independent

2.1 - Intermediate

2.2 - Upper Intermediate


3.0 - Professional

3.1 - Advanced

3.2 - Mastery

3.3 - Magna Mastery



All levels welcome on classes.


  • Basic (Beginner/Elementary):  For the absolute beginner, no dance training necessary and not available in Professional Classes.
  • Independent (Intermediate/Upper Intermediate): Some dance  experience suggested : min. 1 year prior training.*
  • Professional (Advanced): Assumes 5-6 years of prior daily dance training in any techniques; not recommended for beginners.
  • Professional (Mastery): Assumes 6+ experience in the specific technique. Demonstartes overview of a specific field of mastery in one dance style around Europe.
  • Professional (Magna Mastery) For people with more than 10 years of experience in the field of dance, theatre, television, music and film productions that represents dance industry worlwide, presents multiple legacy. Awards recommended.
  • Open:  Open to all levels.
  • *Professional Classes start at the Independet level, which recommends at least 2-3 years elementary training at least twice per week.


For any questions, please call +48 504-847-352 or +48 512 807 352.